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“I found myself singing along with an Anita Baker song “Just Because“.” – It was a slow morning at the office so I just decided to write this blog entry.


I breathe it in, growing up as a kid. I could even remember how out – of – tune I was, how many times I didn’t passed Choir Auditions at school and how many “you’re so adorable” and not “wow, you have a great voice” comments I have received! – But those didn’t stopped me from developing my core gift!

“Come on now Eric! Sing me a Smokey Mountain song and I will give you a dollar!”, My Aunt said to me, as she waves a dollar in her hand. Of course to a kid a dollar is everything, or a pack of M & M’s or Hershey’s Kisses or whichever my auntie uses as a reward to unleash my singing prowess! – It worked!

Nickle to Bronze to Silver to Gold. – “THIS IS MY CORE GIFT”

I have reached my full potential and really enjoyed the heck out of it! But as you know, as people grow up, their priorities change, they pursue careers and paths that have made them easily brush off their core gifts.

“Nothing is ever too late”

As I have read from a book, “Your abilities are the natural talents you were born with …..Today God still bestows these abilities and thousands of others, so people can serve him ….. All of our abilities come from God.” (Source:Rick Warren: A Purpose Driven Life.)

Seeing daylight, you know that regardless of your career, there is no excuse in using your “spiritual gifts” for His Glory.

Micheal O’Hara, Sami McKinney & Alex Brown once wrote:

When I think about how much I’m loving you
No limitations, no set of regimented rules
I’m amazed how much this love has touched my life
And the commitment that we share is a welcome sacrifice

This must be, sweet fatal attraction
My life-long date with destiny
Love this strong, it just brings out the passion
I never knew was here in me

(Just Because by Anita Baker)


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The Sole of my shoes squeked against the slippery floor as I suddenly went ~ status quo.

August would’ve been the most exciting month of my 2012, for my Pastry Arts course should already have commenced. But I gone stale.

Staling or to go stale, can be best described as to when a soft fluffy bread turns into a rubbery gummy jerky – due to prolonged sitting on an uncontrolled environment.

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“There are things that you have to prepare that TAKES TIME and a truck load of patience”

In my previous post, one of the most important principles of baking is: The timely preparation and combining of ingredients to keep it’s quality and create something delectable.

– This made me re-assess how I was “baking” my life for the longest time.


Ingredients (What do I have and Imbibe the most?)


Unpredictable. Even I myself couldn’t figure out what will I be doing next.”

That is, if you would be asking me what one word best describes me.

Abrupt Nodding is my forte, I decide on the spot even without thinking and blinking!

End Result: Scheming and Breaking Away like Jacob.


Main Ingredient: FLOUR

“I have to do something”I said to myself, then I just suddenly had shortness of breath.


Flour is a powder which is made by grinding cereal grains, other seeds or roots. (Source:

and if this is exposed in open air, it is imminent that particles of it will be suspended and the people who have inhaled it is now at risk in developing pulmonary problems.

“I disposed the untimely prepared ingredient”

– I got a breather and decided to take the November – Pastry Art Classes instead


Now, I am focusing on what is needed to be done FIRST!

I don’t wan’t to be an ingredient that has lost its NOVELTY, crumbs of it suspended over the air that can cause problems to those people around.

I wan’t to take things 1 step at a time, e imploring a system, a direction, and sense of responsibility to be “TIMELY SEASONED.”

– Ecclesiastes Chapter 7, Verse 8.


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On the Google Search Tab, I specifically entered the following words: “Basic Principles of Baking”. 

And the Results:

Basic Principles of Baking: (According to

1. Weigh the Baking Ingredients.

2. Know the changes that happens during baking so you can control them.

3. Control “Staling” of baked products.

Someone asked me, “Why is your decision to take up a pastry arts course very sudden?”

with a big smile I responded, “Well, I have to admit that it was quite a sudden move, but I already have moved a mountain, if you know what I’m saying!?”

“Even the snippy decisions that you make could be Life changing”

Sure-enough, these downright decisions seated a new”cookie” in me.

We all know, making life decisions and life itself is HARD, FRUSTRATING & at times PAINFUL, but making the right choices for yourself is always in the exact opposite of the latter.

The basic principles of baking is very much akin to the subjective process of decision making:

1. Weigh everything. (The PROS and CONS.)

2. Foresee the possible consequences and “dope out” the wayward haps of life.

3. Helm the wear and tear: “Decision Aftermath”

No matter how sudden, absurd and far – fetched your call is, as long as IT MAKES YOU HAPPY…..


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Pre – Heating the Oven..

Probably, you are reading this post thinking that you are to get fantastic baking tips from a Certified Pastry Chef, or Delightful Recipes that are quick and easy.

Maybe NOT.

This is a story about a middle – aged single man who graduated as a Professional Nurse, worked at a Dialysis facility, taught Nursing subjects at some colleges and universities and now a mad man Marketing Manager cum Entrepreneur aspiring to fulfill his “SOUL DREAM”, that is, to become the most adorable Professional Pastry Chef in Town!


Almost every single baking recipe starts with preheating the oven. This makes sure that all the fresh materials that you have prepared will be baked to perfection.

Life itself is much like the whole process of baking.

All of the ingredients should be timely prepared, the oven turned up to the right temperature, decors dashed with unique creativity, and YOU equipped with a patient personality, sincere passion and lot’s of love:

Surely, a DELECTABLE CREATION will be made.

This is just the start of Sweet things to come. Come and hear his story.

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